Cleaning & Checkup

What is Involved with a Pediatric Cleaning and Series of X-Rays?

A pediatric cleaning is done on children of all ages, even infants who come into the office. The cleaning involves removing built-up calculus and tartar from the teeth and polishing the child’s smile to a high shine. Fluoride treatment is also often done at this visit, as it helps to strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. X-rays are crucial in determining what’s going on below the surface of the teeth that may go undetected if radiographs weren’t taken. 

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Why are Pediatric Cleanings and X-Rays Important?

It is important that children have regular cleanings and x-rays because it will help to maintain a healthy, full smile. Some of the reasons this is so important include: 

  • Cleanings remove buildup from your child’s teeth, preventing cavities and gum inflammation
  • X-rays help diagnose problems that would otherwise go undetected
  • Pediatric x-rays are crucial in monitoring the development and growth of your child’s smile

If your child is in need of a cleaning and x-rays, contact us today! 

How often should Pediatric Dental Exams be done?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends dental exams be complete every 6 months. Children who are at a higher rate of developing cavities or periodontal disease it is recommended that cleanings be performed every 3 months. The first dental appointment is recommended at age 1. By bringing your child into the office regularly it helps them build confidence allowing them to develop good habits that can carry into their adulthood.

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What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

This all depends on your child’s age and level of comfortability. We try to keep the appointment as positive as possible. For Infants, exams and cleanings are quicker and done in the lap of Dr. Ding and the parent. For children that are able to sit in the chair, we polish their teeth removing plaque and tartar. Light scaling may be needed to remove calculus; teeth are then flossed. An exam is completed by Dr. Ding, then fluoride is applied to all teeth. Oral hygiene technique is discussed with children in terms they understand and reviewed with parents. If you would like to learn more about dental exams and a cleaning call us today so that we can get you in for a quick and convenient appointment.