Hospital Dentistry

What is Hospital Dentistry?

Hospital dentistry is a special field that blends medicine with dentistry. It is often suitable for patients with severe medical conditions. We offer hospital dentistry to those who may be in the hospital or who need special arrangements to have their dental care provided to them. We welcome all new patients into our practice to ensure healthy, full smiles.

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Why would Hospital Dentistry be needed?

Oftentimes, severe medical conditions prevent a person from receiving the dental care that they need. They may be in a hospital, nursing home or even a psychiatric unit. The patient may be house-bound and not able to leave their home. In this case, we can offer hospital dentistry to ensure they still receive the care and treatment that is needed.

Who is a candidate for Hospital Dentistry?

Patients with severe medical and psychiatric disorders are good candidates for hospital dentistry. We are able to provide the care that they need where they are able to go for it. Hospital dentistry can be provided to adult and pediatric patients alike. It is crucial for patients who need ongoing care to improve their oral and dental health.

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What can you expect with Hospital Dentistry?

We will first meet with you and consult about your dental needs. If special arrangements are necessary, we can work with you to ensure that you’re receiving the dental care necessary. Hospital dentistry is ideal for patients with physical and mental limitations, and who may not be able to leave their home or bed to receive the dental care that they need. Regardless of how long it’s been since your last dental appointment, we can finally provide you with the care that is needed to ensure a full and healthy smile. Hospital dentistry blends the science of medicine with dentistry to work together with patients who may have mobility issues.

If you or someone you know requires hospital dentistry, call us today and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.